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 Twilio Integration 

GetAccept is changing the way B2B companies work with proposals. Over 50 percent of all sent proposals never get signed and end up in “The Valley of Death”. The place where nothing happens and the deal turns cold and dies out. With GetAccept's Twilio integration, we are helping you close more deals!
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This integration is included in GetAccept Business. 


Studies from our customers show that the open rate for a sales document is 100% times faster using an SMS reminder instead of email. Using an SMS reminder workflow resulted our customers in a 40% higher signing rate.

In GetAccept, the recipient can easily setup a phone call with a single click. Before initializing a call, an SMS reminder is sent to the sender with customer name, number, company, and document name. The recipient is called from the senders phone and when answered, it connects all parties to start a new conversation. We make it easy to connect all relevant parties to successfully and efficiently close more deals!

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