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GetAccept with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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Combine the power of GetAccept with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to close more deals
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The LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with GetAccept allows for customer tracking insights when adding them as a recipient to a document.

The integration helps you identify other important stakeholders as you add recipients ensuring you don't miss a common connection that could be added as a reference when sending a sales document.


LinkedIn is used everyday by millions! Use insights from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify commonalities between you and your prospect so you can initiate new conversations.

A great way to use these insights is to create relevant automated messages in the GetAccept Live-Chat. You can make sure to never miss a follow up and still be engaging with the recipient on every sales document.



Historically, businesses have used ink and paper to collect signatures. For about a decade, it’s been possible to use digital handwritten signatures to simplify the signing process.

However, with today’s ever evolving digital landscape, including new devices and working environments, it has become even more essential for companies to adapt to modern methods of doing business.

We are proud to announce that GetAccept integrates with LinkedIn to enhance the e-Sign experience by gaining access to additional insights!



1. Connect your LinkedIn account by Signing into GetAccept with your LinkedIn profile OR Activate in Settings > My Profile > Connect LinkedIn.
2. To activate the Sales Navigator integration you need to have Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise edition. Activate your Sales Navigator Subscription here.
3. The Sales Navigator embedded insights are now available on every send out.

eSign with your LinkedIn Profile
This integration works with all LinkedIn accounts.

1. Activate as Administrator in Settings > Document settings > eSign document with LinkedIn
2. You can always change each specific electronic signature process in every document send out.


Feel free to contact us if you need any support or read our LinkedIn article in the Help center


This integration is included in GetAccept Business. 

Find Stakeholders

Identifying all possible stakeholders is key when closing deals. Make sure to have the full picture before sharing a document.

Secure Storage

All documents and data created by our customers are automatically encrypted with an AES 256-bit EV SSL encryption key. 

Encrypted Communications

GetAccept has strict internal policies on who can access your data. Our staff may only assist you when you securely authorize them and access can be removed at anytime

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