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Contract Management for Bullhorn

contract management for integration
Leverage all GetAccept's contract management features in order to sell recruitment services to HR and staffing managers!
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Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Contract Templates and CPQs

Contract Analytics & Reporting

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What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

With GetAccept's integration with Bullhorn, you can leverage your contract management workflow from one CRM environment.

From the first contract request to the eSigned deal, we help you automate your recruitment and partnership process so you can increase your efficiency. Streamline all contract management features to create a system that consolidates information, automates integration, and collaborates with all stakeholders to meet your needs.

All your contracts are accessed through our library of signed documents where you can systematically update, deploy changes, or renew any contract.

The benefits from using our integration:

  • Decreased contract cycle times
  • Increased control and security
  • Increased personal engagement with customers
  • Greater contract flexibility

Using CLM to Write a Contract

Drafting contracts with the GetAccept integration is simple. Our platform allows you to choose from any of our own templates or you can upload your own! If you feel like being creative, you can customize your own contract. GetAccept supports all contract formats such as PowerPoint, Google Docs, Word, or PDF.

With contract management, GetAccept helps facilitate the conversation between each party until the deal is signed.

Hiring candidates and implementing recruitment contacts is made easier with contract editing, red-lining, and eSigning.

Contract Management Solutions

Our integration supports staffing agencies and executive search firms increase business and partnership deals. Use GetAccept to manage all business contracts and prospect hires all within your Bullhorn CRM.

Our integration also supports HR staffing managers who use Bullhorn to leverage their CRM database to manage candidate relationships and full life cycle recruitment. You will receive full contract performance reports and deep analytics about your hiring process. For each contract lifecycle, your recruitment professionals will have access to GetAccept's electronic archive helping streamline the recruitment contract process.

Optimize your ATS process by using a trusted contract management integration platform that helps you create leads, draft contracts, engage with your prospects, and close deals with a simple one-click digital signature!

How to Install GetAccept for Bullhorn?

  1. You must already have a GetAccept account registered. Don't have an account? Sign up for a free trial today!
  2. The Bullhorn installation works through Zapier.
  3. See our Zapier Integration and click "Book Demo" and our GetAccept support experts are standing by to assist you!

Important features and benefits

Close Deals Faster

Make it easy for both you and the customer to sign the deal quickly, wherever you are

Manage Everything in One Place

Control your pipeline activity, customer dialogue, related documents and relevant insights all within Hubspot CRM

Modern Communication

Answer customer questions via Live Chat. Explain your message in a video. Reach out proactively when prospects are active via the GetAccept mobile app

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