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Secure e-signing and sales enablement for the finance and security industry.

GetAccept helps those of you who work in the finance and security industries - get a more efficient sales process and 100% control over your documents. Read more here!

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Increase sales through

Reduced administration

Let our system automatically notify you when a deal is hot and needs to be followed up via our smart automation reminders. We track how your client has interacted with the document and automatically advise you accordingly. 

100% control

Gain a superior overview on current and expected sales. Let us automatically notify you who needs following-up and what’s on it’s way in. Simple and secure eSigning.

Faster sales process

Faster sales process and less administration = more time focusing on new business opportunities.

Smart communication

Identify issues early with the help of the chat function. Strengthen your personal relationship with your client and keep an open dialogue all the way to signing by using our video feature.

Then you've come to the right place!

We help companies in your industry on a daily basis with exactly these problems. Anything else you’re wrestling with? - Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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Do you experience any of the following:

Challenges to get your client to understand the value of your offer compared to someone else's?

Challenges in having to hunt in signatures before the sale grows cold?

Would you like more control/knowledge over what happens to your document after it has been sent?

Paper administration eating up too much valuable time?

The price is right

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Work smarter not harder

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