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BreakIt SaaS summit

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The Nordic's first digital meeting ground for all the hottest SaaS companies.
The SaaS industry is advancing rapidly – even more so during turbulent times and when a lot of businesses start working remotely. The world of SaaS is full of entrepreneurs and leaders who are passionate about building services that make people’s lives easier and streamlines workflows – now more than ever. Get yourself ready for a day of inspiring sessions and workshops with Sweden's and the Nordic's hottest SaaS entrepreneurs right now. You’ll get to listen to 15+ speakers and SaaS professionals and learn best practices, actionable insights and other important topics like customer success, expansion selling, support, professional services – and much, much more.

We are very excited and humbled to have our very own CEO, Samir Smajic as one of the speakers in the expert panel, among all of the other inspiring speakers.

We are really looking forward to being a part of this exciting event.
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September 24, 12am - 18:15 am

Wherever you are, see you on the web!

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