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Guide to 
Electronic Signature 

An electronic signature, or e-signature, refers to data in electronic form, which is logically associated with other legally binding information and used by the signatory to ratify consent 

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Benefits using e-Signatures


Verify the user identity using handwritten signature, mobile device confirmation, SMS-verification.


Safer and better evidence with esigning compared to manually signed paper using a pen.


Faster, easier and always available esigning everywhere on all devices.


Valid and legal in United States, Canada, EU, UK, Asia and most other areas of the world.

Why e-sign with GetAccept?

  • GetAccept is the #1 e-signing tool and Closing Automation tool.
  • Upload, send, track and eSign your documents in the easiest and fastest way ever using the e-signing tool from GetAccept.
  • Smart tracking and real-time analytics help you understand and optimize the timing for follow-up.
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Use e-Signatures for

Sales Documents

Presentations, sales proposals, purchase orders, invoices and confirmations.

Personal Documents

Tax documents, bank forms, insurance documents, school forms and social security forms.

Contracts & Agreements

NDA, SLA, due diligence documents, rental agreements and residential leases.

HR Documents

Offer letters, Employment contracts, intellectual property assignments and consultancy agreements.



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