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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and reach hit rates of 75% on your documents.

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It started with eSignatures. Today, it's a digital sales platform. 

At GetAccept, we’re known for our free electronic signature software, but we offer sales teams a lot more than a way to sign and track documents. We’ve built a digital sales platform that rethinks the way you sell to new prospects, engaged buyers, and existing customers.
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Create a better buyer experience with GetAccept


Send, track and sign documents
from anywhere in the world

We used to have to print out documents, sign them, scan them and then send them back. Sure, that worked when you’re in the office, but it
slowed deals down if you were out - in meetings, at home, or, in some cases, on the beach.

It’s a different world today. At GetAccept, you can send and sign all your documents from any location on the planet (it could work in space, too?). Track every stage of the signing process directly on your phone.

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Real-time analytics to accelerate
your deals

Behind closed doors, contracts stall for a number of reasons, which means you need to chase up prospects by email, phone or SMS - without knowing who to contact. This makes it look like you’re not in control, even if you are.

Using real-time analytics, GetAccept acts as a sixth sense - giving you a complete overview of the contract process and where it’s slowing down - helping you follow up immediately with the right person, move the contact process along and close your deal faster.

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eIDAS security and GDPR

Technology built on data-privacy and security requirements

Data privacy is non-negotiable. All sensitive information we collect and store, whether it’s your data or your customer's data, is safeguarded and fully compliant with the global and local electronic signature regulations.


Any personal information that’s processed is in line with GDPR, eIDAS, ESIGN, and the UK’s Electronic Communications Act 2000.


One-click templates to shorten
the sales cycle

We’re all content creators - we create content in emails, social media posts, sales decks and demo’s for prospects and customers. But here’s one thing you no longer need to create - proposal templates.

With GetAccept, you get instant access to our template library, which includes more than 30 proposal templates. Proven to shorten the sales cycle, these templates can be used when you need to quickly send out an invoice or agreement for an electronic signature.

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Create a more personalised
sales experience

Cold outreach, by phone or by email, is one of the most impersonal ways to approach a new customer. Sure, we’ve all done it. But there’s a better (and much more friendlier) way to introduce yourself and your business.

With GetAccept, you can send personalised video messages directly to your prospects. People buy from people and video is a great way to build trust and show prospects who you are. Use it in outreach, your sales process or to say “thanks” once a deal is closed.

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Why choose GetAccept?


Integrate directly with your existing tech stack, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive and a whole lot more - to help streamline your sales process.

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Create an account for free or subscribe to a professional plan from £40 per month (best for growing sales teams). Need a custom quote? Contact us today.

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Industry Solution

Our tailored, industry specific solution is best for sales reps in IT, Tech, Media, Recruitment, Wholesale & Retail, Logistics, Real Estate and Consulting.

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UK customers love GetAccept for our customer care, implementation and ongoing support.

“You guys did absolutely everything, and the relationship was awesome. Other suppliers did not give us the care and attention that GetAccept did”

Richard Smith

Digital Theatre

"Impressive from the start - our first call, to implementation, to expanding our usage! GetAccept’s customer care team has been a pleasure to work with!"

Daniel Robertson

Diners Club UK & Ireland

Trusted by sales teams based in the UK and Ireland


Dec 13, 2021

”We’ve had an excellent experience with GetAccept. The software is exactly what we need to manage a high volume of quotes. The support staff were amazing and helped us produce a really professional quotation system. We are already saving time and we know it will have a major impact on our conversion rates.”


Jan 19, 2022

”Overall a good system, helps you to do things faster and in a smarter way. I recommend it.”


About GetAccept

GetAccept is a digital sales room - helping sales teams across the globe create a more engaging and personal digital selling experience.

With the growing demand for electronic signature in the UK, we’re slowly building our presence in the UK market and currently have a sales team of 7 working directly with British and Irish-based companies.


Our mission at GetAccept is simple but ambitious:
We want to build the go-to-platform where B2B sellers can interact with their buyers in a personal and engaging way, making business easier and faster.

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