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Book a demo and we’ll show you how GetAccept can improve your business

When you book a demo, a GetAccept product expert will give you a tailored walkthrough of our software, along with specific use cases and examples that are relevant to your industry.

In the demo, you will learn:

  • How to use electronic signatures to reduce sales cycles by up to 400%
  • How to use real-time analytics to improve your sales teams performance
  • How to use automation to create and send proposals and sales collateral
  • How to use personalised video and live chat in your sales outreach
  • How UK companies use our Digital Sales Room to create a better buyer experience

What are you waiting for? Schedule a call with a GetAccept expert today!


”We’ve had an excellent experience with GetAccept. The software is exactly what we need to manage a high volume of quotes. The support staff were amazing and helped us produce a really professional quotation system. We are already saving time and we know it will have a major impact on our conversion rates.”

Dec 13, 2021

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”There are a few reasons I prefer GetAccept to other e-signature options. The range of accessibility is incredibly useful and helps with conversion. Access to video recording, flexible expiration, notifications, proposals and more all work to create a beautiful ecosystem that work in great collaboration.”

Dec 10, 2021


”Easy to use, integrates with other platforms to make inputting information more straightforward and the fact that you can see the whole journey of the documents - see if it has been opened, read etc - is a gamechanger. Highly recommended if you need a system to send documents on. CSM is fantastic too - overall - great experience all round!”

Jan 20, 2022

g2 stars 5

”Beyond e-signature, get Accept enables our sales team to understand what happens with sales documentation once it's been sent - who views it, how often, and on what device. These insights allow our sales team to better manage pipeline and build stronger relationships with customers.”

Feb 17, 2020

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