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Digital signature with GetAccept

The story behind the esignature and its benefits

We guide you through the digital signatures journey and explain the difference between digital signature and electronic signing
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Benefits of digital signing


  • Verify the user's identity using handwritten signature, confirmation via mobile and SMS.
  • Safer and better proof than manually signed paper with a pen.
  • Faster, easier and always available anywhere on all devices.
  • Valid and legal in the US, Canada, EU, UK, Asia and most other parts of the world.

Why sign agreements digitally?

  • Fast, simple and legally binding
  • Make your company professional and modern - as it is
  • Increase your sales and efficiency
  • Secure evidence and guarded process
  • Collect all contracts in one place online
  • Create security for all parties involved


Many people are under the wrong impression that digital signing of documents is a new, untried fad. The truth is that digital signatures have been around for decades, but have become more popular only in the last decade.

Today, electronic signatures are well established and are considered the most reliable way of getting documents signed online and signing agreements digitally. Unlike the original digital signature technology, today's e-signing is easy to use and can be created using any computer with an internet connection.

Some historic milestones
  • 1976: Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman were the first to describe the idea of a digital signature scheme, but it was then only in theory that such a system existed.
  • 1977: Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir and Len Adleman invented the RSA algorithm that would be used to create primitive digital signatures
  • 1988: Lotus Notes 1.0, which used RSA algorithms, became the first widely marketed software that could offer digital signing
  • 1999: The possibility of embedding digital signatures in documents is added to files in the PDF format
  • 2000: Through the so-called The ESIGN law becomes digital signatures legally binding
  • 2008: PDF format becomes an open standard within the "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO) and termed as ISO 32000. The standard contains the digital signature as part of the format.
  • 2015: GetAccept is founded with the vision of becoming a world leader in e-signing and helping companies implement it as a standard for all signed documents.


  • GetAccept is a market-leading tool in electronic signing / e-signing and helps customers with automated business endings, smart tracking and streamlining of e-signatures.
  • Upload, send, track and email your documents in the easiest and fastest possible way.
  • Smart document analysis and real-time communication will help you understand and find the best time for follow-up.
  • Digital signing of documents is the future and GetAccept has the vision to always be primarily in the area.

Important features and benefits

EU Datacenter

All documents and all data created by our customers within the EU are stored in European data centers and the customer chooses where to store them


Secure storage

All documents and data created by our customers are automatically encrypted with an AES 256-bit EV SSL encryption key.

Encrypted communication

GetAccept has strict policies regarding internal access to data. Only authorized personnel have access to encrypted customer data.

Automated removal

Automated processes ensure that data that cannot be saved over a longer period is automatically cleared according to the time intervals required.

Tracking and exporting

GetAccept has advanced search methods to find data and the ability to export selected data to readable format.

Routines in case of intrusion

GetAccept has developed processes and routines for protecting data and informing affected people who are applied in the event of an infringement.

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