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TELE2 secured it's sales processes with GetAccept

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Faster and easier business

Ann Voelkerling, Manager Business & CO Solutions, Tele2

“We looked at all the big players and preferred GetAccept not just for the platform but also for the engagement and dedication that the GetAccept have. To quote one of the sales managers: This is the best system improvement we've ever made. Too bad we didn't do it a few years ago. ”

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  Quick facts  

  • Who: Simon Klejnstrup Möller
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2017
  • Industry: Telecommunication

  Favorite functions  

  • Automation that push the deal to close
  • Overview
  • Chat 

The challenge

Tele2 faced a challenges in their new sales because the process was long, manual and complicated. They risked losing business to competitors with smoother processes. They also lacked the possibility to communicate with their customers in a personal, modern way. 

The solution

When implementing GetAccept, the sales people could start using the secure digital signature instead of the manual paperwork. They could use the overview to keep track of the progress of their deals, while Tele2 could begin to increase the pace of the number of signed agreements. The sales people could start to communicate with, and understand, their customers in a new, much appreciated, way. 




  • Faster management of new customers 
  • Increased control that leads to more business
  • Modern sales processes strengthen competitiveness

Today, Tele2 continuously uses GetAccept's various functions in its daily work, which results in faster handling in new customer sales. E-signing and document management have become a natural part of the processes in several different departments - both B2B sales, the Internet of Things, supplier agreements and purchases. The modern sales processes mean that Tele2 no longer runs the risk of losing business due to slow, manual processes.

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Background GetAccept

Why we chose GetAccept:

“We chose GetAccept because they dare to challenge us to improve and think again. We like how GetAccept focuses on getting more contracts signed - not just the possibility of e-signing. One of the crucial factors was to be able to integrate GetAccept into our existing systems and the possibility for us to choose who can take part of different parts of a sent document. ”

Simon Klejnstrup Möller

Safety first

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Work smarter not harder

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