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Svenska Möten got control of their agreements 

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Svenska Möten got increased control

Pontus Esbo, Sales manager, Svenska Möten:

“I like the ease of use. You log in and get a helicopter view of the whole new sale, which gives less manual work. Before GetAccept we sent our quotes and agreements by mail. It sounds the right stone age, now that you say it! ”

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  Quick facts  

  • Who: Pontus Esbo, sales manager, Svenska Möten
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Bransch: Hotel and conference

  Favorite functions  

  • The appearance
  • The overview
  • Clear overview

The challenge

Swedish meetings felt that their contractual processes often went out on time. Sometimes the assignment was started before the agreement was signed, which gave an insecurity in the deal. They felt they needed better control over the signatures. The manual process took a lot of time from the day when the contract was to be franked, certified, sent, reminded and filed properly.

The solution

When Svenska Möten implemented GetAccept, they could stop sending their contracts by mail. They used the overview view to get better control of what was out for signing and also began to use automatic follow-up of their documents. The agreement could now be archived automatically within GetAccept.


  • Smoother procedure from oral acceptance to signature
  • Great time saving when manual processes disappear
  • Overview that creates control for the sellers 

Svenska Möten today feels that they have reduced unnecessary administrative time and at the same time have greater control over their documents. It is a simpler signing flow for both their customers and themselves. The communication with the customer has been simplified using the automatic reminders and the chat, and that they can now archive and collect everything in one place.

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Background GetAccept

Pontus Best Tips for an Effective Business:

"If you are going to digitize your business, do a proper mapping of the need before. Get help from IT architects if you have many systems that will work together and remember - everything doesn't happen overnight"

Pontus Esbo, 
Sales manager Svenska Möten

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