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Preem introduces a new and improved eSigning platform

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User-friendly and modern eSign platform
Beverly Axelsson, Business Relations Manager, Preem:


“With GetAccept our documents become more available. I can scroll through and sign an contract while waiting for something else to download, right there on my cell phone. It feels a lot more modern.We’ve managed to digitalize all our processes, workflows and approvals and simply put – become much more effective in the way we work.”  

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  Fast facts 

  • Who: Beverly Axelsson, Business Relations Manager Preem
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2017
  • Industry: Oil and Energy

  Favorite Features  

  • Document tracking
  • Transparency
  • Automatic notifications

The Challenge

Preem was experiencing issues in the old way (analogue) of doing things - sending contracts via post or email. Their processes were slow and they found it difficult to reach their goals, both internally and externally. They were also frustrated with the lack of knowledge they had regarding if their client had actually read the document - let alone following up on quotes.

The Solution

Preem’s procurement department got in contact with GetAccept in 2017 and has since been implemented in multiple departments throughout the company. The secure and digital eSignature has been an essential part of their solution. They could immediately see who had taken part of the eDocumentation but they also activated automatic notifications to simplify the follow-up process.

The Result


  • More efficient document flows
  • Less administration and paper work
  • User-generated data that could be analysed for further improvements
With relatively simple means Preem could analyze their documents flow in a completely new way. They’ve lessened the time spent on administrative tasks and use a lot less paper in their day-to-day business. They also managed to evaluate and develop their routines to become more modern and efficient.

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Background GetAccept
Preem’s best tips for efficient procurement:

"It's not easy knowing what you need if you don’t know what’s out there. The problem arises when you buy a solution for a need that’s not actually there. Our best tip is to meet with different suppliers and gather inspiration for a qualified list of demands."

Beverly Axelsson
Business Relations Manager, Preem

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