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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and reach hit rates of 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Goava customer case

“GetAccept gives our sellers transparency and data that helps them follow up”


“The black drainage holes in sales are exploration and quotation follow-up. GetAccept gives our sellers transparency and data that helps them follow up on the right quotes with the right timing - instead of running on the cold and forgetting the hot ones."

Johan Rogebrant

Head of Sales & Co-founder at Goava

The challenge

Goava experienced the greatest challenge in the bid management. When many quotes were out, it became inevitable that the sellers had to spend a lot of time manually following up without actually knowing which quotes were hottest or coolest. The sales cycle went on time and quotes fell off or lost when they stagnated in someone's mail inbox or fell between the chairs in the follow-up.

The solution

Goava implemented GetAccept and started using the tracking function to gain transparency in the deal. They also started using chat and video to communicate with customers in a more personal way. All in all, with automatic reminders, much of the manual work was replaced.

The result

After the implementation of GetAccept, Goava could increase its sales from 12% hit rate to 25% hit rate within 6 months. They can now spend the time following up on the right customers with the right timing, instead of spending a lot of time following up blindly. They also have more business during the same time period and the secure digital signature makes signing easier and faster for both Goava and their customers.


Quick facts

Who: Johan Rogebrant, Head of Sales & Co-founder, Goava

Industry: IT & Software

Favorite functions

  • Transparency around what happens in the document
  • Chat and video increase the number of contact points
  • Fast mailing management

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"Dare to take in and look at new solutions - dare to throw new light on the organization and working methods. Understand that a salesman is not with you to push anything, but to lead you to something you will be using for a long time to come. Then I experienced it with GetAccept - without getting sold out, I got myself insights on how this could help us in Goava."

Johan Rogebrant

Head of Sales & Co-founder at Goava