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 FINQR increased its sales by 100%

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Increased sales by 100%

Jakob Carlbring, CEO och founder, FINQR:

“For all of us control people, this is a godsend. I don't like when you don't know what's going on. The old way was to wonder if it has arrived, if it is on a desk and so on. Now I send out quotes earlier, check the pipe and know what is going in. ”

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  Quick facts  

  • Who: Jakob Carlbring, CEO och founder, FINQR 
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2017
  • Bransch: Payment and financing solutions

  Favorite functions  

  • Reminders to shorten the sales process   
  • Chat to communicate easier
  • Digital archive and avoid binders

The challenge

FINQR has grown rapidly and even though they had a CRM to keep track of their key figures, there was still the risk of losing documents when there were large volumes. For them, it was important to see how they could eliminate unnecessary, manual flows and automate as much as possible. They also wanted to increase the control from the submitted quotation to the signed agreement and here it was important to find an e-signing solution that holds legal and offers BankID.

The solution

After the implementation of GetAccept, FINQR began to make use of the overview view to control all quotes. They used new funds to communicate with their customers and discovered, among other things, that shorter maturity dates and automatic reminders together with SMS shorten the sales process considerably. They also started using the tracking to get information about the stage in which the quote is and they could start signing their contracts digitally with BankID.



  • 100% higher hit rate using faster processes
  • 30% shorter lead times
  • Communication means that enable them to break through the noise in a saturated market
By using GetAccept in the daily work, FINQR has been able to shorten the time from quotation to signed agreement by 30%. They can get their quotes out directly, which means that their customers can turn quickly - and through this, FINQR has the means to stand out against other players. The estimate is that they would only receive half of the business they receive today, but GetAccept. With modern communication, they can more easily and quickly respond to the customer's questions and thus stay ahead and save time.

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Best tip from FINQR for an efficient business:

"Skip the prejudices and be open minded to new solutions. It's not about the computer taking over someone's job, but the computer should take care of the administrative and repetitive - so you can do more of what you're good at."

Jakob Carlbring
CEO och founder, FINQR

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