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EMG improved its processes at all levels

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Better processes from start to finish

Mattias Säker, Sales manager, EMG:

“We still have a lot of sales by phone and there is video perfect! We always use video and film the entire team to show weight and security. The customers are surprised and think it is innovative. Our customers like the solution! ”

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  Quick facts

  • Who: Mattias Säker, sales manager, Educations Media Group
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2016
  • Bransch: Education Management

  Favorite functions  

  • Chatt
  • Video
  • Automatic reminders

The challenge

Education Media Group (EMG) felt that sending contracts internationally via mail from the legal aspect was often a hassle. They experienced a frustration internally when contracts and mail needed to be printed and scanned in, as it was a time-consuming process. They also had a challenge of being perceived as pushy and business could be lost as a result of shortcomings in the follow-up process.

The solution

After EMG implemented GetAccept, they were able to use the digital signature for their agreements. They started using video to get closer to their customers, despite distance selling. They could also start using features such as automatic reminders and chat to gain control over the follow-up of their quotes.



  • Shorter sales process as a result of smoother handling
  • 100% control over the quotes
  • Secure and legally binding digital signature

Today, EMG has shortened its sales processes by sending its quotations directly on request and following up more securely and faster. As a bonus, the invoice basis always matches the archive. They no longer lose business because of unstructured follow-up and the digital signature facilitates international relations. All business deals with the secure, legally binding digital signature.

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Background GetAccept

EMGs best GetAccept-tip:

"GetAccept has streamlined our sales process from quoting / ordering invoices to billing data automatically registered in our system. Automatic reminders save a lot of time and ensure that all quotes are followed up."

Mattias Säker
Sales manager, EMG

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