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The Copperhill Villa

Copperhill Mountain Lodge takes 20% more business

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20% more business with GetAccept

Jenny Viklund, responsible for group and conference sales, Copperhill:

“If you want to boil down the benefits then the stress of not having the time you could have before is completely gone. Now GetAccept gives me reminders about an agreement being out and then I know exactly which one to contact. I would say that we increased our sales by about 20% compared to earlier since we introduced GetAccept. ”

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  Quick facts  

  • Who: Jenny Viklund, responsible for group and conference sales, Copperhill Mountain Lodge
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Bransch: Hotel and conference

  Favorite functions  

  • Automatic chat message when the customer opens the agreement
  • Tracking function
  • Automatic reminders

The challenge

Copperhill Mountain Lodge has a large flow of booking requests from potential customers. Sending a quote before GetAccept was a time-consuming process and they experienced a challenge in having control over all documents sent by mail. They needed to manually follow up all requests and ask the customer to print and scan in and send back the quote. Despite the system for having control, follow-ups risked non-attendance or falling between the chairs due to lack of time.

The solution

Copperhill Mountain Lodge became the first hotel in the Nordic Choice Group to implement GetAccept. With the overview view, they could directly control the status of all their quotes. They started communicating with their customers through the chat and activated automated reminders to the customer and notices that tell when an agreement is about to expire.



  • 20% in increased sales
  • Business is no longer lost due to lack of follow-up
  • They save time as they can now put on providing even better service

Copperhill Mountain Lodge increased its sales by 20% after the introduction of GetAccept. They have reduced the time it takes to send out a quote and never miss a follow-up with the help of notifications and reminders. They have got better time management and are perceived to be more professional towards the customer. The secure digital signature facilitates the process both for themselves and for the customer.

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Background GetAccept

CopperHill Mountain Lodge summarizes GetAccept:


Jenny Viklund
Responsible for group and conference sales, Copperhill Mountain Lodge

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