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Bravura became GDPR compatible with GetAccept

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GDPR ready and safer than ever

Johan Forsberg, business developer, Bravura:

“We chose to work with GetAccept because it was a technically complete solution that could give us more than just e-signing. Today we use GetAccept for more parts than we thought from the beginning and we can see that we save time. ”

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  Quick facts

  • Who: Johan Forsberg, Business Developer, Bravura
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Bransch: Staff and recruitment

  Favorite functions  

  • GDPR compatible
  • Secure digital signature
  • Integrations to CRM and marketing automation

The challenge

For Bravura, the main challenge in connection with GDPR came when their previous processes for handling personal data needed to be changed. It also had a challenge in having transparency for its quotes and agreements. Bravura saw that previous manual signing methods needed to be upgraded to something that felt more modern, professional and safe.

The solution

Bravura took a holistic approach and integrated its flows towards HubSpot and Lime Technologies. In this way, they have been able to build more manageable flows. The possibility of sending candidate presentations is used so that customers do not have personal information in the mailbox.



  • Secure digital signature creates security in the store
  • They can handle personal data safely
  • Time saving for both consultants and employees
After the implementation of GetAccept, Bravura's consultants and employees have saved time in their daily work. The secure digital signature creates security both for Bravura and their customers, while also being able to handle personal data in a simple and secure manner.

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Background GetAccept
Bravuras best GetAccept-tip:

"At first, GetAccept was primarily intended for use on the customer side, but it soon became clear that the tool could also be used for more parts of the company"

Johan Forsberg 
Business Developer, Bravura

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