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Bravida Security got 100% control over their quotes

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Got 100% control over their quotes

Joakim Svensson, Sales manager, Bravida Fire & Security.

“For us, it was just the flow management and the opportunity to actually be able to follow the business from mailing to signing as the defendant. The e-signing solution was a plus on the edge and an appreciated function. Previously, we followed up by calling and emailing, but now we use the chat when following up. The sellers experience it as the best tool for answers. ” 2

  Quick facts 

  • Who: Joakim Svensson, sales manager, Bravida Fire & Security
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Bransch: Security

  Favorite functions  

  • Chat
  • The overview
  • Automatic reminders

The challenge

Bravida Fire & Security  experienced a challenge in keeping a high quality in the follow-up of its quotes as well as having control over how many people were active and out. They also felt it could be difficult to know if the recipient had taken note of the content and if it was shared with other decision makers when it was sent via mail.

The solution

Bravida Fire & Security implemented GetAccept and started using the overview view to keep track of how many quotes are out and about when they are due. They also started using the tracking to find out if the customer has gone through the quote, who are involved in the decision and how committed the customer is in the document. They began using the digital signature to replace older methods.



  • 100% control over the quotes
  • Used for several different document types, such as presentations and drawings
  • Easier handling that provides faster clearance
Today, Bravida Fire & Security has significantly better control over its quotes and its due date. They use the information about the customer to have better and warmer dialogues and can thus come to a quicker conclusion. Today, they also send product sheets, drawings and other presentations with GetAccept to ensure that the customer takes part of the information. The secure digital signature has facilitated the flow as a whole, both for themselves and for their customers.

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Background GetAccept

"You can't live on old merits. If you stop thinking ahead you will be overtaken - so always challenge and see what can be better. Listen and be responsive when the sellers call, it's easy to miss out on much if you don't participate"

Joakim Svensson
Sales Manager, Bravida Fire & Security

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