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Product overview

With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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Customer Stories

Meet your CSM

Ali is a senior customer success manager with a background in Engineering and Project Management. He is currently pursuing his MBA and loves to utilize his diverse background to create new solutions and ensure a successful onboarding and implementation process for his clients. Ali’s favorite features in GetAccept are the Zapier integration, video introduction and live chat.

Name: Ali Ali
Location: San Francisco, California
Super power: Designing Stellar Proposals


Your Onboarding Journey


Planning Call

During the planning call, you will meet with your dedicated customer success manager to discuss the implementation of GetAccept and plan out your onboarding journey. You’ll be covering the following items during the call:

  • Your General Document Workflows (type of documents, senders, recipients and archiving)
  • Your team (who will have access to GetAccept and how much access will each one of them have?)
  • Your Branding (you will be asked to provide your customer success manager with your branding material, including logos, color codes and a high-resolution background image)
  • Scheduling your admin training call


Admin Training

During the admin training call, admins will go through the main account setup. This will include:

  • The basic individual setup including setting up individual profiles within GetAccept
  • The advanced account setup such as custom reminders, privacy settings, notifications, security settings and integrations (if applicable).

You will then learn how to use the platform to send documents and create reusable document templates for your users.


User Training

During the user training call, users will go through the basics of GetAccept from a user’s perspective. The focus of this call is to familiarize all users with how to use the platform to start sending documents.

Users will have access to send documents and/or use existing templates without being able to make any changes to the existing templates and workflows. The templates and workflows will be pre-set by admins.




Follow-up Call

The main focus of this call is to answer any questions that came up after admins/users started using GetAccept and/or discuss any changes needed (if necessary).


Ongoing Support

As an admin, you can email your dedicated customer success manager anytime to ask questions and/or book quick support calls.


Here to Help You

We are here to help you along the way! Users are encouraged to contact our support team for additional support. 

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Agendas & Checklists


Preparing for your planning call

Questions to think about before your planning call:

  • What type of documents do you want to send using GetAccept (singable and non-singable documents)
  • Who are the senders and recipients of these documents?
  • What happens to the documents once signed or viewed? What action is required once a document workflow is marked as completed?


Post planning call checklist

  • Email your CSM your branding materials (including logo, color codes and a high-resolution image)
  • Email your CSM your document materials (materials needed to setup your first 2 templates)


Preparing for your admin training

  • Look for an email from GetAccept to set up your login.
  • Invite all potential admins/team leaders into the call.
  • Email your CSM any questions/items you would like to add to the training agenda if needed. 


Post admin training checklist

  • Log in and familiarize yourself with the platform. Practice sending out a document internally or to yourself.
  • Start setting up templates (if applicable).


Preparing for your user training

  • Add your users to your GetAccept Entity (Environment)
  • Have your users watch the following video to get an idea of what GetAccept is about.


Post user training checklist

  • Have your users send you a document using GetAccept (practice makes perfect!)
  • Reach out to your CSM with any questions you receive from your users as they start using GetAccept. 

FAQs (CS Edition)