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"The best eSigning software I've used to date! Its connection to Pipedrive makes it so easy for the team and I to get contracts out to our prospects!"

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Chris Chaconas
Director of Sales
SkyLab Solutions
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  Quick Facts  

  • Who: Chris Chaconas, Director of Sales, SkyLab Solutions
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Industry: Fleet Logistic Solutions
  • Integrations: Pipedrive

  Favorite Features  

  • Delivering documents and reminders via SMS
  • Instructional introduction video
  • Real time analytics and insights
  • User friendliness for senders and signers

The Challenge

As a newly formed startup in 2018, SkyLab was on a tight budget when it came to their sales stack. They were challenged with finding a solution where they could get the most bang for their buck. One that could handle necessary operational functions, like collecting eSignatures, but also had sales enablement features to help them stand out from their competition and connected to their new CRM, Pipedrive. A seamless integration with Pipedrive was something that would save the team time and help them focus on their next deal. An added bonus was a system that was easy to use and had a quick ramp-up period. This was especially important for their startup because their most precious resource, besides money, was time. They needed to be guaranteed that they'd be able to build adoption within their sales team as soon as possible. After assessing a few of the competitors, SkyLab found themselves at the doorstep of GetAccept. 

The Solution

The first step in SkyLab's onboarding was setting up GetAccept within their Pipedrive CRM. This only made the process easier for them to send their contracts to prospects, saving time and, ultimately, helping them focus on their next deal. By adding an introduction video, they are able to leave a great impression with their prospect. When they receive the notification that someone is viewing their contract, they immediately give the prospect a call and offer to review it together, increasing exposure and engagement with their prospect. As the contract is being reviewed, the team will be notified by the GetAccept mobile app reach out to the prospect in the live chat to answer any questions and deliver great customer service. The status of the contract is updated in Pipedrive and when the contract is eventually signed, the final version is pushed back in the CRM, right where they need it. 



  • Higher engagement and exposure with potential customers
  • More personalized and better buying experience by using video
  • Reduced turnaround time from contract creation to collecting signatures
  • Closing 35% - 40% more sales month over month versus before
  • Increased productivity and focus with Pipedrive integration

Sales Team
With GetAccept now easily accessible in their Pipedrive environment, the team can create and deliver a contract in just under 5 minutes, faster than ever. The ease of use, both from the sender and recipient side, led to high user adoption. They love tracking the contract, and have created best practices based on how the prospects engage with the send out, like calling them as soon as they open the deal. By using the mobile app, they are always notified when someone reaches out with questions, which means they can reply back from anywhere and within seconds. Since GetAccept is synced with Pipedrive, the team doesn't have to worry about manual tasks that consume precious time and can focus on closing their next deal. 

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Background GetAccept

SkyLab Solutions' 3 best tips for increased sales: 

1. Always stay positive, dedicated, and competitive in sales. 
2. Make it a practice to have quality touches with your customers every day.
3. Get to know the people your working with by following up with them.

Chris Chaconas
Director of Sales, SkyLab Solutions

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