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"We were in need of a fresh new way to deliver quotes and contracts to our potential customers. We were used to emailing PDFs back and forth, but this only slowed the process and there was nothing to help us stand out from our competition. GetAccept was our answer and we've seen great results."


Craig Bell
Vice President, OT Group
OT Group

  Quick Facts  

  • Who: Craig Bell, Vice President, OT Group
  • Used GetAccept: Since 2018
  • Industry: Visual Communications

  Favorite Features  

  • Document tracking and live-chat
  • Organized template library 
  • End to end use case for deal management

The Challenge

The main challenge OT Group needed to tackle was the ability to deliver quotes and contracts in a unique and engaging way. Since there is a lot of competition in the print services industry, it was essential for them to stand out from others and create a buying experience that was an extension of their brand. They also did not have a standardized process that their sales reps could revert to when delivering the different kinds of sales collateral they had access to use.  

The Solution

By using the live-chat, introduction video, and document tracking features in GetAccept, OT Group was able to set their reps up for success, giving them new opportunities to deliver white glove service to their potential customers. After templating their slide deck brochures and sales agreements, the sales reps were able to easily locate, customize, and deliver GetAccept experiences in just a few clicks, saving time and hassle. 



  • Increased close rate on sent agreements
  • Quicker creation and delivery of personalized sales collateral
  • Added touch point opportunities for sales reps to build rapport
  • More effective communication with potential customers
  • Mobile friendly experience for sales reps and buyers

Sales Team
Since OT Group started using GetAccept, the sales team has been able to deliver buying experiences that help them stand out from their competition and close more of their opportunities. They are able to discuss challenges and answer questions proposed by their potential customers right within the document. The team is also notified on their mobile phones when a customer opens, comments, and signs documents, allowing them to always know where their deal stands at any time. It's been a tool that's given them the opportunity to succeed with little to no extra effort needed from their end. 

Sales Management
Managers have enjoyed viewing how their sales reps engage with their potential customers, with white glove service and a personalized experience. They can also pull reports to see who is going the extra mile to close their opportunities. The automated email reminders also ensure that every deal is being followed up on multiple times, leading to zero opportunities accidentally falling through the cracks!

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Background GetAccept

OT Group's 3 best tips for increased sales: 

1. Deliver personalize presale material to leave a lasting first impression
2. Don't be afraid of testing and changing your sales process to look for improvements in optimization and personalization
3. Create opportunities for you sales team to succeed by going above and beyond for your clients

Craig Bell
Vice President, OT Group

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