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Create exceptional buyer experiences. Close more deals.

Ready to see GetAccept in action? When you book a demo, one of our GetAccept product experts will give you a tailored walkthrough of our software, including:

  • How a Digital Sales Room benefits your sales team
  • How to create and send beautiful custom send-outs and sales collateral
  • How detailed tracking and insights can improve team-wide performance

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Case study

How ASCD gets deals over the finish line

Learn how GetAccept prevents deals from stalling out with detailed insights and send-out tracking.

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Case study

How Chargebee simplifies the proposal process

Learn how GetAccept’s proposal management tools and Freshsales CRM integration help Chargebee create and manage workflows.

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Meet the Digital Sales Room

Sales content that wows

Sales content that wows

Create, import, and manage your sales collateral and ensure everything always stays on-brand.

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Put a face to the name

Break through the noise and engage your buyer with a custom introduction video, live chat, or a text reminder.

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Insights you can trust

See how your buyers and decision-makers interact with your collateral in GetAccept’s dashboards.

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Proposals made simple-1

Proposals made simple

Save your branded proposals and contracts to the digital content library and share them in minutes.

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Reduce your admin time

Automate reminders via email, SMS, chat, and video to keep up the momentum without losing precious selling time.

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Deals signed and sealed

Get contracts and proposals updated and signed in real-time, all within your digital sales environment.

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Learn more about the power of a 
Digital Sales Room

Infographic: The what and why of a digital sales room

Is your sales process aligned with your prospects’ changing buying journey? And how can you ensure you stay in control of the interaction with prospects, from discover to signed contract, when everything is digital and across multiple channels and touchpoints? Download the infographic to explore what a digital sales room is, and why you need it in your process today to create a unique buying experience that will give you the competitive edge.


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