It’s Personal: The power of a personalized B2B online sales process

Sara Cronsioe
April 22, 2020

Nowadays people enjoy 1-on-1 interactions much more then they do scrolling through their social feeds. The way people communicate with business has changed, for yeas in-person meetings and phone calls were the dominant way to communicate. Later on, with the rise of the internet, a multitude of new opportunities become available. More recently, the rise of real-time video and messaging has led to a fundamental shift in how people prefer to connect.

What is the power of a personalized B2B online sales process?

In the real-time world that we live in, where everything seems to be one click away, consumers expect to find information that they are looking for quickly and easily. If they can´t the will be frustrated, ending up turning to one of your competitors. In fact, 35-50% of sales go to the vendor who replies first. 

Responding slowly on a channel advertised as “live” is a contradiction in terms. Forcing customers to wait after you’ve set the expectation of immediacy is unacceptable. That’s why bots put the “live” in “live chat.”

Buyers are taking more initiative than ever

Buyers are more knowledgeable then ever before, they are self-directed and digitally oriented. They don’t need a seller to handhold them throughout a buying process. Today, the buyers do find content on their own and making more determinations outside of traditional buyer-seller interactions. It is important to be where your buyers are and where they interact. By adopting new technologies such as using chat boots or use video communication, to ensure that buyers receive an experience that stands out and is personalized.

Personalized interactions -  do buyers have high expectations than ever? 

With buyers knowing more than ever, they naturally have higher expectations for sellers to bring value to the sales cycle. Today’s s

ellers need to be equipped with the right methods and tools to deliver the best experiences to their buyers. It is important to equip your team with the right technology and processes to personalize assets at scale and ensure that buyers receive an experience that is personalized.

Are you interested in how GetAccept can help you to increase your sales and online engagement with personalization? 

Video getaccept

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