5 simple ways to improve sales efficiency

Sara Cronsioe
September 01, 2020

Sales efficiency is a top-of-mind discussion, the challenge of defining sales efficiency is an important one. Without a clear definition, it’s impossible to measure it. And without measurement, it’s impossible to improve it.

All businesses can do more to improve their sales, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Closing deals faster, needing fewer reps to do the work, and increasing your hit rate are a huge part of getting your sales organization to the next level. Here are 5 easy ways to improve sales efficiency.

1. Automate your sales process

The most impactful way to boost sales efficiency is by enhancing your sales processes. It might seem like your processes are working just fine, but by making assumptions and not working to make things better, you are limiting yourself and your sales representatives. To improve sales efficiency, you need to outline a consistent sales process and then set sales objectives around those activities or related to specific sales goals. And once you set these objectives, you continuously have to measure performance both on a group and individual level. According to Salesforce, companies that follow a defined workflow are 33% more likely to be high performers.

2. Align sales process with buyer’s journey

The first step is to tighten your sales and the next step is to align it with your buyer’s journey. Buyers don't want to be sold something, they rather look for additional information about your product or service that they can't find online. For that reason, your classic sales process of prospecting, qualifying, proposing, and closing no longer cuts it. Rather than centering your process on a scripted sequence of product-first messages, you have to focus first on guiding your buyers through their journey. 

3. Invest in sales enablement 

Investing in a Sales Enablement platform will help you to improve your sales efficiency, as this will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. So, what is a Sales Enablement software? A Sales Enablement Software is a tool used to help sales and marketing professionals execute various elements of a Sales Enablement strategy - including, but not limited to, sales content management, sales training, and onboarding, knowledge management, and call coaching. 

4. Create a kick-ass sales team

It’s important to make sure that you know the metrics, to work data-driven, creating trackable KPI:s that all your sales reps know about and easily can follow to see how things are going, and what needs to be improved. It’s also very important to ensure that your sales team understands their value. Nothing breaks a person’s morale and ability to work efficiently like feeling unappreciated. A well-oiled sales team, with the right team members, will help to improve sales efficiency.

5. Align sales and marketing

Start with aligning your sales and marketing teams and implementing a Sales Enablement Strategy. Sales enablement is the process by which we foster sales and marketing team performance by improving the team’s efficiency, effectiveness, and equality. The strategy should involve both marketing and sales activities. By working closely together marketing and sales will have the right information, assets, and data to share that will help improve sales efficiency and to strengthen your organization. 

Okay, now it’s your turn. Which steps are you going to take to improve your sales efficiency? 

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