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Close more deals by sending sales content with personalized video reminders, live chat & e-signature - Sales Enablement software for digital and remote selling. Start your 14 days free trial today!


One solution for all needs

GetAccept’s all-in-one Sales Enablement tool helps sales reps increase personalization and engagement to help build trust and win buyers over within a digital environment. Accelerate and close more deals with GetAccept. 


Faster signing process


Increased hit rate to closed deal


Shorter sales cycles when using electronic signatures

It’s time to change how deals get done, join our growing customer community, and be a part of this innovative movement.

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"GetAccept helps our salespeople know who and when to contact their clients. With better insights, the tool helps us prioritize our time and close more deals! Our sales team expects sharp, smart, and user-friendly interfaces that will help them evolve as sales reps - GetAccept helps with all of these things!"

Mikko Honkanen

CEO & Co-founder at Vainu

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”We want to be at the cutting edge when it comes to our customer service. It is very important that we are credible in what we are doing and that we change from traditional processes to digital processes. Our quotes will become more vivid with the video and chat features of GetAccept!”

Erik Pernling

Controller at Anticimex

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Why GetAccept?

Provide a secure electronic signature experience with GetAccept

Give your customers the ability to digitally sign documents in seconds from anywhere and on any device. GetAccept provides a legally binding eSignature solution fully compliant with ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS.


Estimate closing probability based on historical data (AI)

GetAccept’s DealScore coach will provide a highly accurate estimation of the probability of closing a deal and will even suggest actions to take to move your deal further along your sales cycle.


Gain in-depth data insights to make better selling decisions

It’s time to stop assuming your sales documents have been received, read, shared, or completely ignored. Gain insights on how recipients engage with your business assets and get notifications when your document is opened, viewed, commented on, forwarded, or signed.


Personalize your B2B sales process with video and chat 

Add personalized messages or videos in direct connection to your sales collateral to help build an instant connection and trust with prospects. GetAccept Sales Enablement platform personalizes your entire sales process, from the first shared asset to the last signed contract.